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My Yesterday was spent in a hospital waiting room while my little sister went through her fourth (and hopefully final!) back surgery.  She has scoliosis (curving of the spine) and after 3 surgeries of putting in  & taking out titanium rods to straighten the spine, they removed the rods and all of the hardware yesterday.  She is now 20 years old so really she is done growing and her spine can stop all of this curving nonsense.  Thankfully this surgery only took about 3 hours and she was brought to a room after so that we could go and visit her right after.  Last year she was in surgery for about 14 hours, there were some complications and she was in ICU for a few days post surgery.  Because last year's surgery was rather traumatic I think that we were all more concerned than normal for this fourth surgery.  While this entire situation is tough I have to say it is truly amazing to witness 2 things...

1.) How brave & strong my baby sister is!  I can't even imagine what it takes to go through everything that she has but she takes it in stride and is truly a modern day warrior in my mind (I have to be careful about how much nice stuff I say about her, I know she will read this & her head barely fits out the door as is! Haha)
2.) How honored I feel to be part of such a wonderful family.  When the going gets tough my family comes together and does what it takes.  There was a group of us in the lobby (including one of Lauren's best friends that we consider family) that waited for her and will continue to visit while she is there.  Those family members that could not be at the hospital were phoning in for updates and sending good thoughts her way.  Honestly, this wonderfulness expands out to friends as well.  I feel so lucky to have wonderful friends who sent supportive thoughts that morning and checked in through the day.

The hospital has been pretty fantastic as well.  It's a newer facility so the waiting rooms are  super fancy - one of them even has a fish tank which appeared to be filled with the Finding Nemo characters!  

Merlin & Dory

The staff is super nice - they even gave my sister a stuffed animal & blanket that was donated to the hospital by this really fantastic company called "Berkshire Blankets". 
Berkshire Blanket Co.

The food = yummy!  Only problem with that is when you're waiting like that you're bored and sorta anxious so ...well let's just say there were multiple trips to the cafeteria and 9 times out of 10 the healthier option was not selected! Overall the experience has been as nice as it possible can be considering the circumstances.  We did manage to take a bunch of goofy pictures while were there & I had some time on my hands to find some more really cool images, projects and recipes to share next time!

My Sister's Friend & I being goof balls!
Mission Mountain Dew Post Surgery - Accomplished! 
In an attempt to donate blood - they pricked my finger - OUCH!
Group Photo - Part of my sister's entourage!
Chillin in the waiting room...
 That's all for now...I'm off to spend some more time with the fam!

Lots of Love,