It's Just Another Manic Monday...

 So I created this blog in April (please note that was about 2 months ago)  and I have not posted anything!  I suppose that part of that is because I currently do not have internet - I just mooch on a nearby neighbor or business that does not have a secured network!  But it was also partly because I wasn't really sure what to blog about...I was so excited to create the page that once it was completed I had no idea what to write about!  Well I have decided that what I need to do is not think about it so much!  Why over think a blog - It's technically a journal that other people can read, right!?  So I'm going to blog about whatever I feel like blogging about and share a bunch of random wonderful things that I come across.  There will probably not be much of a rhyme or reason to this blog in the beginning but I do hope that over time it will come together as most things in life do...So I'm jumping into this blog with both feet & a goal of posting at least twice a week!! We shall see :)

Here are some wonderful things that I love right now:

via Pinterest
 Such an awesome way to use chalkboard paint!  I officially want to use chalkboard paint on pretty much everything!  Gotta try to keep this urge under control!! ;)
via Pinterest
 These nails look super cool!  They claim that all you have to do is choose the colors that you want, pour small amounts of each into a bowl of water, use a toothpick to stir the colors and then dip your nails into the polish/water...I feel like it will not be that easy; however, they look way too cool not to try this out!
via Pinterest
A super delicious summer treat!  Cheesecake filling topped with berries in adorable individual jars!  So cute and yummy!

Matt & Kim - Song: "Daylight"
 I cannot stop listening to Matt & Kim - especially the song Daylight!  The song came on while I was listening to my Death Cab for Cutie Pandora Station & now I am simply in love with it - Is it weird that I just want to listen to it on repeat??  Haha

Okay - those are just some of the things that I am currently lovin'!  Until next time...

Lots of Love,