Yeah you make me merry - make me very very happy!

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I am a true believer in filling your life with little things that make you happy.  Not every day can be perfect and filled with happiness but you can pepper each day with little things that make you smile.  I know that "things are things"  but the "things" that I have listed below, without a doubt make me smile and fill my heart with happiness every day...

This super cute bright yellow coffee mug is my favorite!  When I saw it in the store I could not resist the urge to purchase it and for me that's a pretty big deal.  I pride myself on not being an impulse buyer - in fact I'm usually the person in the store that picks a bunch of items up and then slowly puts them back as I walk up to the register to make my purchase.  But I digress!  I bought this little to go mug about two weeks ago and am so very happy that I got it (I do have to thank my sister for this - ThanQ Lauren for giving me a little push to buy it!) Not only does this mug make me smile each morning but it also stops me from buying coffee on the way into work which is definitely good excellent for the wallet!

 I know I's just a hand soap but here's the deal - this stuff smells AMAZING!  It's called "renewing grapefruit and pomegranate" (fancy name right?!) and it instantly makes me smile.  I've heard that citrus scents are proven to make people happy but this stuff makes me extra happy!  I love it so much that when I have people over I make them use it & then freak out about how great it is! Yes, I am a huge nerd and have yet to find anyone who loves this soap as much as I do but I continue to have my guests try it in hopes that someone just might geek out as much as I do! Haha ;)

 This polka dotted purse was also a more recent purchase from a very lovely store called Target! (I'm sort of obsessed with that place!) I almost left without it but once again I just couldn't resist - it's adorable and even though it's sort of "loud" with it's crazy polka dots, I love it.  What makes this purse even better is the little "happy bearded chap" pin on the top left.  I painted the little guy myself and pinned him onto my purse.  Yes, it is completely random but come on - you can't help but laugh a bit when you look a that little face!

 This is a wall hanging that my Aunt & Uncle just gave to me as a house warming gift.  When they gave it to me they said that with this hanging on my wall I will always have a home full of people.  Those different pieces of wood that sort of look like upside down exclamation points are little people!!  I absolutely love this and every time I see it on my wall I cannot help but smile!  What a wonderful house warming gift!!

My very beautiful and meaningful ring. I love this ring for so many reasons but most importantly, this ring belonged to my Great Grandmother.  I had the opportunity to meet her and spend time with her when I was a young girl and now as an adult I have small part of her with me every day.  Not many people can say that they had the opportunity to meet a great grandparent and I had the chance to not only meet her but spend time with her as well.  I remember doing arts & crafts with her up in Maine when we would visit over Fourth of July.  Every time I look at this ring, I think of her and my heart is filled with happiness.

These are only a few of the many things that I fill my days with to keep me smiling.  What do you have in your life that brings out a smile or warms your heart?  If you can't think of anything I highly recommend working on finding something ASAP!!!  I will leave you with this hilarious video - I seriously can't stop watching it....too funny!!  Enjoy :)

Lots of Love,