Nobody said it was easy...

"Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest"

A little over a year ago I impulsively purchased a guitar.  I had never played but always had an interest in learning so I figured if I actually bought one it would give me the "necessary push"  to finally learn. It turns out that my little plan did not work out so well!  That lovely guitar has been moved around from place to place over the past year, simply serving as a decorative piece in whatever living space I was in at the time.  Every once and a while I would have someone over who could pick her up and play a song or two but overall she has just been collecting dust.  There have been two separate occasions that I have gotten really ambitious and tried to learn but once my finger tips started to hurt and I started thinking about how long it would probably take me to play a full song, I would simply put her back on the guitar stand & feel defeated. 

So now, over a year after the actual purchase, I am going for a third attempt to learn.  Third times a charm,  right?  I started this third attempt last night and picked her up first thing this morning to continue learning!  At this point my poor little fingertips are pretty fact, typing this right now feels a little funny since the fingertips on my left hand are a bit numb.  My pinky finger is the most upset about the situation as it would appear to have a tiny blister on it but I am determined to keep going!!  I'm hoping to toughen up my dainty little fingertips by the end of this of now that's my goal!  That and I also am trying to learn a really simple song called "Passerby" by Allie Moss.  It's super simple and really pretty and I'm hoping that learning a full song will give me the motivation to keep learning!  

It's funny how sometimes the most simple things can really make you think about the bigger picture.  What I mean by this is that while trying the learn the guitar, I've been telling myself that it's always difficult in the beginning and that I just have to keep my chin up.  This rings true with everything in life...the beginning is always the hardest but we can't give up!  It gets easier!!  Whether it be learning something new, dealing with something name it.  So, with that being said...I really feel like this time, this third attempt at learning the guitar is going to be my final attempt as I am going to learn it and learn it well!  Of course, there will be some bumps in the road - especially since I am in the beginning stages which prove to be the most difficult.  But I'm ready for the bumps!!  Wish me luck :)

Lots of Love, 

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