Today I don't feel like doin anything - Doot da doo doot da doo...

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As I sit here blogging away, Hurricane Irene is visiting us here in lovely Massachusetts!  Actually, she has been downgraded to a tropical storm and luckily, here in Leominster she has only brought with her some semi-strong winds and quite a bit of rain.  Regardless of the intensity that is Irene (or lack there of), I have declared today as a day of relaxation!  I went to bed last night knowing that I would wake up this morning and do nothing but relax - no cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, driving, bills - nada!  I have a tendency to be "go, go go!" 24/7 but not today!  The past couple of days have been absolutely wonderful - I went to the Country Music Festival on Friday night and Saturday afternoon I saw a fantastic production of R.E.N.T. but now on this rainy and cloudy Sunday I am doing a whole bunch of unproductive but relaxing things....

I started today off by sleeping in - that's right I actually slept in!  Even on my days off I somehow end up waking up no later than 8:00a but this morning I slept in until 10:30 and then proceeded to stay snuggled up in my cozy bed reading for over an hour.  This was such a great way to start off my lazy Sunday since I never get to do it.  For some reason, I always jump out of bed whether I have to work or not and immediately feel the need to be productive....but this morning I just relaxed and started the day off in a nice & chill way :)

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 Once I finally got out of bed, I made my way to the kitchen to make a much needed cup of coffee and proceeded to spend more time than I will admit on the computer!  I love just sitting at the table spending countless hours on the internet with my vanilla scented candle burning, cup of coffee in hand and Mumford & Sons Pandora radio playing.  I had the chance to catch up on a bunch of fabulous blogs that I follow - some created by friends and others by people that I have never met but all equally wonderful!  I also spent some time on one of my favorite sites called Pinterest finding a bunch of yummy recipes and crafty DIY projects!  All and all, many hours were spent on the computer and I'm happy about it!

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Since I don't have the "cha-ching" to go to a spa I turned my own home into one and had a relaxing spa day here!  Homemade face mask (with the cucumbers on the eyes & everything!), bubble bath, manicure & pedicure all in a cozy atmosphere with candles and chill music.  Granted going to a spa would be really nice....but I can make it work in the comfort of my own home and today proved that it is very relaxing.

After some serious spa-like relaxation, I picked up the guitar and played for a while.  I finally learned a song and can play it through without messing up - I just need to build my confidence a bit and keep practicing so I can eventually play it at an open mic and cross it off of The 26 List!  It's called Passerby by Allie Moss and I am more than excited about the fact that I can actually play it!!  Now that I have accomplished that, I need to actually work on learning chords!  I was so focused on learning this one song that I completely pushed aside learning the basics.  I worked on that a bit this afternoon and plan to pick her up again later on this evening to play some more!  :)

I am now sitting here...back on the computer!  But this time, there's a batch of chocolate chip cookies in the oven! YUM!!!  I love how every time I bake something this place instantly smells like a home - Do they make chocolate chip cookie scented candles??  Haha  (On a side note - I would imagine that would not be a very lovely scent for a candle!  I'll just continue to bake the cookies and forego the candle idea!) 

All in all - today has been nothing but relaxing and it's only 6 PM!  Not sure what I'm going to do with the rest of the day...maybe make a delicious dinner and watch a movie?  We shall see!  I don't think enough people take the time to just relax...and I am finding from doing just that today that it is essential!  What do you do to relax??  Have you ever spent an entire day doing a whole lot of nothing?? Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday and for those of you effected by Irene - stay safe!!

Lots of Love,