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Sometimes, no matter how blessed we are, times can be tough.  Whether it be difficulties with career, money, family, friends or just life in can feel like the world is working against us.  Like we're in this really dark tunnel and at the present moment we just can't seem to see the light at the end of it.  Sure this sounds semi-dramatic but the truth is that in those "down times" it can feel like that (at least for me anyway....on second thought, I have been known to be dramatic...but regardless, you get the point.....and I digress!).  I'm a true believer that everything happens for a reason and that the tough times always make us stronger but during tough times even those thoughts don't exactly help all that much.  In fact, I pride myself on being a pretty positive person and always seeing the silver lining but I personally have been in negative emotional spaces where my positivity cannot shine through the super dark clouds.  For those darker times I have been incredibly lucky to have "night lights" to keep me going.

A very good friend of mine was there for me during a more recent rough patch. She told me that sometimes along the way we need some night lights to get us through.  That comment really stuck with me.  I just love that what was once a simple term, now has so much weight to it.  Before she said that to me, I would hear the term "night light" and think of the adorable star shaped light plugged into my wall that I turn on every night. Thanks to that little light, my cozy home is illuminated just enough that if I need to get up in the middle of the night I can see my way through the dark. I mean sure, without that light I would still be able to get around but I would have to wait for my eyes to adjust or I would probably bump into things and potentially step on something.  Now when I hear the term "night light" I also think of all the little things that have gotten me through some darker emotional times. I think of the beautiful moments that have illuminated the darkest of times and I have an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude stir inside of me. "Night Light" officially has a new definition in my life and I absolutely love it.

There are times when we could all use a night light.  I have so many marvelous people in my life that have provided me with night lights over the years and I hope to provide as many night lights as I possible can in my lifetime!

Lots of Love,

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