I'm in the mood to dance!

On this lovely December day, I am feeling super duper happy.  I guess you could say I woke up on the right side of the bed and things have been going pretty well since.  My usual Friday morning is spent drinking a big cup of coffee and spending a couple hours on the computer.  These Friday mornings are precious to me...I get to look up a bunch of DIY projects, catch up on blogs and sometimes stumble across some pretty adorable images on Pinterest.  Yes, I could be more productive, but everyone needs a few hours to spend how they choose from time to time, right?!  So today I am finding that all of the articles, projects and images that I am coming across are going along with my super cheery mood quite nicely.  Because of that, I feel compelled to share them! I'm pretty confident that at least one of the many things below will make you smile...Enjoy!

This video is too cute for words!  For those of you who have not seen the original video, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, I recommend watching that first but if you already have...this is the second one.  My favorite part is when he is talking about the dog!!  Makes me laugh every time!

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I cannot help but smile when I look at this picture,  I mean really - how cute is he??

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So clever!  If Oliver or Emma ever have to wear a "cone of shame" I will be doing this to it!  Side note - I hope they never have to but in the event that they do I feel that this is a great way to make lemonade out of the lemons, ya know!?

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 Find Clarity in One Day - This link goes to a post about spending a solid 8 hours with you and only you...I need to find a day to do this - it sounds wonderful!

DIY Loose leaf tea bags

I must make these!  I don't know if the tea will taste very good but I just think the hearts are so cute!  I'm sure I could master a delicious tasting tea over time but I can't make any promises when it comes to the first attempt...

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100 Things to do when you're upset - The Sad Trombone List - I have fallen in love with this blog and all of her posts but this one is my all time favorite!!!

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Buddy the Elf!!!  Because of this movie I will never look at the Santa in the Mall the same & every time I walk by a revolving door I have the urge to run around in it over and over again!
Thank you Will Ferrell for being so funny!

This video is my favorite!  I have been on a Weepies kick lately and I came across this video today.  The song is so good and the video is super sweet - I cannot get enough!  It gives me butterflies :)

So that's everything - a bunch of random happy things that made me smile today. I hope that I got at least one smile out of you!!

Lots of Love,