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Happy Saturday everyone!! So, I was thinking about this past week while I was driving into work this morning (I have an hour commute which gives me plenty of "thinking & reflecting time") and it dawned on me that I learned/re-learned/realized a few random & funny things this week. It wasn't really an "out of the ordinary" week by any means but there were just a few things that came up that I thought I would share just for funsies (one of my new favorite words)!

1.) A tablespoon-ish of chocolate chips + a crescent roll = An amazingly delicious chocolate croissant!  Just place the chocolate in the center of the crescent roll, follow the cooking instructions on the crescent roll container and VOILA!  A super simple and easy dessert!!

2.) I own a giant orange tiger cat that is obsessed with people food!  Oliver will follow me around the house no matter what I am eating!!  Apparently, Crescent rolls are his new favorite...I learned this on Thursday night when I made the chocolate croissants. He was very persistent, so I eventually gave him a small piece and now he is in love (side note - the piece of crescent roll that he ate was chocolate free - do not be concerned!)

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3.) If you pick up a knife the wrong way you will slice your finger open.  No, I am not completely stupid...I just got preoccupied with other things!  I thought I was grabbing it by the handle so you can imagine that I was a bit surprised when I grabbed the blade part of the knife and ran my pointer finger along it (that's right I actually ran my finger along it before I realized that I clearly had the wrong end of the knife...Genius!).  It's not a bad cut - it's just a pain in the butt because it's on my finger!  Yay for stupid injuries!!  P.S. I wish I had these band-aids...

 4.)  I think my little Emma may want to start her own blog.  Every time I am working on a new post she sits next to me (observing, if you will) and the minute that I get up from the table she sneaks up to the computer and just sort of stares at it.  I can't tell if she's judging my blog or just trying to get some tips for hers....sneaky little lady ;)

5.)  I still have the same cheeks that I did when I was 7 years old!  My aunt has been sending me a ton of photos from "back in the day" and I have come to the realization that I have always had these "pinch-able" cheeks (see them in this picture?) I thought that those were supposed to go away when you grew up??  Does this mean that I will always look like a kid??  Could this work to my advantage - Will I always look young!?  Who knows, thanks to these cheeks I may get carded at bars until I'm well into my 40's & 50's!? Haha (I'm joking here - I clearly don't believe that!)

6.) Hipstamatic is an awesome app!  Libby took this picture at open mic last week and it looks so neat!!  I've been a really big fan of instagram lately but I need to start using Hipstamatic more!!!!

Alright, that covers it!  A few random things from my week! How was your week??  Did you learn/re-learn/realize anything fun or exciting in the past 7 days??

Lots of Love,

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