Life is a maze & Love is a riddle

"The only constant in life is change"

At different points in our lives we are asked the question, "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"  For some people this may spark an immediate answer but for others it may really get the wheels turning!   I remember answering this question when I was in middle school (probably around 5th grade), during a college course while I was living in Florida and again during a job interview about 3 years ago.  Each time I have been asked the question, I've really had to sit and think about it before I could answer.  10 years is such a long time and so much can happen, so for me it was really hard to just answer the question off the cuff.  I couldn't help but think of all the change that would take place in that time and how it could potentially effect my future.  I do know that every time I was asked there was one part of my answer that always stayed the same, I would be happy.  Even as a young girl, I knew that in 10 years I wanted happiness.  

I can't remember my exact answers for each time the question was asked of me but I do vaguely remember...
*In 5th grade (approx 9 years old) my answer was:  I would still be in school, getting straight A's 
*In college (approx 21 years old) my answer was:  I would be an elementary school teacher, married with at least one child and more than likely own a home
*At the job interview (approx 23 years old) my answer was: I would be in a steady & successful career (of course this answer was only pertaining to where I would be professionally because I was in a job interview and it would have been a little weird to talk about marriage, children etc)

Every time, I gave a pretty simple answer because the truth is, it's really difficult to think about where you will be in 10 years!  10 YEARS - that's a really long time!!  In just 2 years (count em' - 2!!) my life has drastically changed and never did I see any of it coming! I will say though, I am super happy.  The one constant answer that I gave every time I was asked has stayed true and for that I am incredibly grateful. 

I know this was a random post but I came across an article this morning when I was catching up on some blogs that brought up the age old question, "Where do you see yourself in 10 years" which then sparked this!  Have you been asked this question before?  What was your answer?  Did things turn out the way you thought they would??

I'll leave you with this video of what may quite possibly be my favorite song right now :)

Lots of Love,