Part Deux: One two three set, ready set go!


Okay so I was half way through the list, truckin' right along when I realized that my lunch break was over! I was glad to get through half of the list during that hour break and now that I'm home and relaxed I can get through the other half.  We will resume at number 14...

14.  Take a dance class - This one should be pretty easy to do before I turn 27.  I just have to choose what kind of dance class I want to take and then actually find one.   To be honest, I'm not even sure what kind of dance class I was thinking of taking when I put this one on my list in the first place!  I need some ideas - what kind of dance classes are available?  Does anyone want to take a dance class with me?  I think this one will be a lot of fun to cross off the list!

15.  Take a road trip - I also feel like this one should be rather easy to complete.  It doesn't have to be anything crazy - just a trip to somewhere at least 4-6 hours away.  I would like to end up staying at a hotel or an cute little inn just for a night and then drive back home the next day - like a mini vacation!

16.  Sleep under the stars - Well, considering the fact that it is currently January and I live in MA...I will not be sleeping under the stars while I am 26 years old!  I was really excited about this one and I feel like there will be a lot of camping in my future so I will be rolling this one onto the 27 list for sure!

17.  Grow a vegetable garden - This is another one that is not going to be completed in the next 46 days.  The whole snowy cold January thing makes it sort of difficult to get this done before March.  I'm not sure that I will roll this onto my 27 list but I do think that I will end up doing it any way next year.  My parents have a beautiful back yard and I think it would be really neat to have a small vegetable garden back there!!  This will happen, just not in the next few months...

18.  Learn a new language - WHAT WAS I THINKING?  Sure!  It would be really neat to learn a new language but I don't know why I felt the need to put it on a list of things that needed to be completed in a year's time!  Yes, I would like to learn a new language in the future but I will not be learning one before March and I probably will not roll this onto next year's list either.  This will happen someday but at this point it is undetermined as to when.

19.  Participate in a relay walk - Also another one that will not work out before March.  It would have been a lot of fun to participate in one this past year but I sort of neglected my list for a while there and missed out on a bunch!  Oh well, there's always next year!

20.  Climb a mountain - Wow, I really dropped the ball over the summer because I really could have gotten a bunch of these done when the weather was warm!  It's a smidge cold for mountain climbing right now!  I did go on a really nice hike in the fall, does that count?  Maybe I'll change number 20 slightly and call it Go for a hike rather than climb a mountain!?  Hmmm something to think about...

21.  Experience a sunrise and sunset - Another one that is made difficult because of the cold.  Unless anyone has an idea of where I can experience these regardless of the frigid temperatures!?  Suggestions pretty please!  If I can't get this one crossed off by March 9th, I will definitely roll it onto my 27 list!

22. Knit a Scarf - So this is currently in the works!  My friend Libby and I already went and purchased yarn and knitting needles, now I just need to start knitting! I have many family members that knit as well so I think I am going to try to meet with everyone and gather different tips and ideas :)  

23.  Visit a winery - I think this one is also in the works.  My Aunt Elaine has mentioned going to the Nashoba Winery so now we just need to pick a date and I'll be on my way to crossing off number 23!!

24.  Completed

25.  Completed <3

26. Learn how to parallel park - I know I can cross this one off of the list and the very lovely Libby has offered to teach me so this one is also in the works!!!!  Let's just hope I don't hit any cars during the learning process ;)

Alright, so there's the other half of the list!!  Once again, please let me know if you can help with the 13 things listed above or if you have any ideas/suggestions/input that would make it possible for me to get as many done as I can!!  I'm excited to keep crossing things off! 46 Days and counting...

Lots of Love,