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I randomly have today off and I didn't realize it until yesterday (I really need to get better about checking my schedule), so I didn't exactly have anything planned. I did decide to be semi-productive and get a load of laundry done but I also decided that I would spend a bit of time this morning listening to some amazing new(er) music while immersing myself in the world of Pinterest!  I'm not going to lie, I love looking through all of the different images and getting ideas for recipes, styles, DIY projects, etc, etc, etc!  So while I feel semi-guilty about being lazy this morning (only a little...but still the guilt is there) I found a lot of fun stuff while enjoying the sounds of Feist, Florence + The Machine and Ingrid Michaelson.  Here are a few of my really neat finds from today...

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This will be a future dinner in Casa de Meg!!  Layered Zucchini Paremsan - Ummmmmmm YUM!  Here's the link for this deeeeeee-licious looking meal -  Handle the Heat.  

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I plan to accompany the layered zucchini with these delicious little garlic rolls aka Mini Garlic Monkey Bread!  The recipe is simple and I cannot wait to make them!  Here's the link for this recipe - Crumbs and Chaos

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Okay, I cannot get over how cute this idea is!  Find a sweater or a long sleeved shirt that you want to fancy up a bit.  Cut out a heart template from a piece of thicker paper or cardboard and make sure that it fits onto the elbow of the shirt.  Then use it to cut out a piece of fabric & sew it onto the shirt!  This is so cute!  Thank you A Beautiful Mess for having such a lovely idea!!

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Such an organized and decorative way to keep all of your bracelets in one place.  I also really like the idea of hanging the box up as a shelf for them - I plan to work on creating something like this over the weekend.

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Hahahahaha This makes me laugh every time!! I mean really, look at their faces! Too funny!

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Style inspiration!  I love how this look is really simple but put together, and I LOVE the color!!  It would even look cute with leggings and boots (since I would be pretty effing cold if I wore this right now!!)

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These looks SOOOOO cozy and warm - I need them!  I wonder how difficult it would be to knit these myself?  Something to look up later...

Aaaand that covers the random wonderfulness that I stumbled across earlier today!  I'm still feeling guilty about spending my AM on the computer but I was doing laundry at the same time so that's good, right!?  Time to go and be productive - I think I'll take a good will trip and see if I can find anything fun (like an old coffee mug to paint with chalkboard paint OR a frame that I can transform into a white board...) And I'm off!

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