Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Everybody, Everybody wants to love!

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Happy Valentine's Day!! I don't know if I'm alone here but Valentine's Day is sort of a weird holiday.  When I was younger (elementary & middle school), I looked forward to it because I would get to exchange valentines with my classmates.  It was always exciting to go to school and give out those adorable themed valentines to my friends.  As I got older and started dating, Valentine's Day became the day that I would get taken out on a fancy date or get flowers/chocolates/etc. (well, that is if I was in a relationship or dating someone at the time).  Last year, I spent Valentine's day alone.  I was single and I was sure I would end up alone in my apartment with a carton of Ben & Jerry's, a sappy movie & a box of tissues!  Instead, I went home with a super cute valentine from my friend Tina & a mixed valentine's CD from my friend Kim (I love you girls!!).  I made myself a delicious dinner accompanied by a couple glasses of wine and celebrated my independence.

Now that I'm older (not that old...but still!) Valentine's Day has taken on a different meaning.  For me, today is a day to celebrate love.  Love for your signifigant other, your friends and your family.  It is a day to tell everyone special in your life how much you love them whether it be with a card, some chocolates, a really big hug or just the 3 words alone!  I feel like we can get caught up in all of the cards/candies/flowers etc and forget that it is all about love and the wonderful people in our lives.  So whether you're single, celebrating your first Valentine's day with a new lady or man, married with children or celebrating your 50th Valentine's day together, enjoy it and tell everyone that makes you happy how much you love them!!

Here are a few neat links about valentine's day and some adorable photos that I had to share!

Valentine's Day - History.com - I found this article about Valentine's Day and where it originated from which is really interesting...

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Google Valentine's Day Doodle - Have you seen the Google Home Page??  This cute little animated video plays! I love it!!

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Urban Dictionary - Valentine's Day - Urban Dictionary cracks me up - I usually end up spending a while on there just typing in random words & names so I can see what kind of crazy definitions there are.

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Okay!  That's all that I've got!!  Enjoy your day of love everyone!

Lots of Love,

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