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Happy Tuesday!!  While sitting here on my lunch break, I stumbled upon a whole bunch of wonderfulness that I feel compelled to share.  Here are some recipes, articles, pictures and DIY projects that I found over the past 30 minutes and absolutely love!

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So the image looks a bit weird but they are fancy sticks of butter.  There are recipes for three different flavored butters!!  I love that you really do not need many ingredients and they all sound delicious!  Here's the link: Fancy Butter Recipes - A Beautiful Mess

29 Life Lessons in 29 Years - This is such a great post from a blog that I love dearly.

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This is such a cute idea and a great way to get things done each week!  I sort of love making lists and this is a way for me to make said lists look super cute!  Weekend project!
Here's the link: DIY Rotating Goal List - Cornflower Blue

Check out this blog! It's a collection of life tips - Adulting

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 This cracks me up!!  had to share the funny eel picture :)

See...randomness!!  Okay, off to work I go! Hope everyone has a great day!!

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