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I woke up this morning and almost immediately started making a To Do list for the day.  I had a bunch of different tasks that needed to get done and they were just sort of floating around in my head.  I knew that if I didn't get them out of my head and onto paper (or in this case the notepad app on my iPhone), I would end up forgetting stuff! Once I got everything into that notepad app I started my day, determined to cross everything off! Within an hour of waking up, I was in my car running errands. Side note -  I am crazy when it comes to going out without showering or at least trying to make myself look semi-presentable (CRAZY!) and yet I was so caught up in getting this list done that I just took a quick look in the mirror and off I went.

About 2 hours in, I realized that I needed to chill out and try to enjoy my day a bit!  There is a way to get things done and also enjoy your time - it's a harmonious balance that I always want and yet always have trouble finding!  That being said, I've decided that from now on I will get as much done as possible but I'll relax and enjoy my time - I mean it is my time after all!! I need to breathe (one of my 2012 resolutions) and just take things in stride.  To kick this way of thinking off, I took the longer scenic route to my parent's home this morning.  I usually just take the faster route so that I can stay on schedule, but today I took my time and drove over my favorite hill in Leominster.  Josilin St. in Leominster is my absolute favorite - there's a really beautiful view from the peak of the hill and it's nice to just drive over it and take everything in.  So I did that this morning in the middle of my crazy to do list shenanigans and it made everything better.  I thought, "okay I'm finding that balance of getting things done and relaxing!"

This whole thing just got me thinking about how crazy my schedule is sometimes and how I forget to just breathe and go with the flow.  I don't need to run around and get stressed out to get things done.  In fact, doing just the opposite of that will make my efforts much more effective!  So, from here on out I am going to make a gi-normous effort to take things in stride and not get so insanely stressed!!  I do it to myself and there is really no need for it.  I also need to start taking some time for myself and stop giving my precious time away to everything else!  I think we all at one time or another have a tendency to give our time to other people or other things and forget that we need it too!  

A few things that will help me with this...

*A wonderful friend of mine, lent me a book that has really come to me at the perfect time (weird how that works sometimes huh!?)  It's called Buddha Standard Time by Lama Surya Das.  I just started reading it recently but I can tell already that it going to help me find more of the balance that I have been trying to find!!

*There's also a couple of blogs that I follow that will be helpful, Think Simple Now and Zen Habits.  They are both full of inspirational articles that I absolutely love reading and pulling from!

If you find yourself running into the same dilemma that I have, check the links above out!! Have a great weekend :)

Lots of Love,

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