So let go and jump in!

"The world's a playground!  You know that when you're a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it." - From the film Yes Man
 On Wednesday, while on my lunch break at work I got this random urge to build a fort!  Yup...a fort!!  The kind that you make in the house with blankets, pillows, etc.  It was snowing out Wednesday night which for whatever reason made me want to build a fort that much more.  When I got home from work Toph came over and made me a super delish dinner.  After dinner he started moving things around and gathering blankets etc to build the fort!  We ended up making lava cakes and snuggling up in the fort to eat them and watch a movie.  He hadn't done anything like that since he was a kid and I had never made a fort before.  At 26 years old, I hung out in a fort for the first time ever!! 

Oliver felt that it was his job to guard the fort.  After many attempts to destroy it, he accepted that we were not going to let that happen and laid on the back of the couch!  

The aftermath!  Oli and Em seemed to enjoy this part!

The next morning Emma ended up creating her own little fort! She loves snuggling up under blankets so she was super happy when there was a pile of blankets for her to burrow under!

Hanging out in that fort was really fun and it got me are so care free! As adults we over think, take things too seriously, worry about consequences that really don't matter and so we lose this carefree attitude.  I want to start embracing the kid me a bit more. Why not??  I think it's a healthy balance to be an adult but know when to let go and enjoy the little things.

Are there any things that you used to do when you were a kid that you still do as an adult??

Lots of Love,

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