You say it's your birthday

This has been one busy month of wonderfulness! My birthday is in the beginning of March but I tend to go all out and celebrate the entire month.  Why celebrate one day when you can celebrate an entire month, right?!  This birthday month has been an eventful one for sure!  Here are some of the things that made it so wonderful...

Toph & I made a delicious Funfetti cake at the very beginning of the month! I love this cake because it ends up looking so festive.  We baked this cake and frosted it as quickly as we could so that we could snuggle up on the couch and catch the Sunday night episode of the best show ever, The Walking Dead.

My awesome birthday present from Tina - Getting our hair done together while sipping champagne to celebrate!!  Thank you love!

Before we left for vacation, our friends Nick & Libby had us over for dinner.  For dessert Libby baked this chocolate cake and Ellie decorated it for me, adorable! :)

Toph and I went to North Carolina for a couple of days. I got to meet some of his family.  It was a nice relaxing long weekend filled with beautiful weather, music, wonderful people and some fun games!  I played quarters for the first time (not the drinking version folks!) and Apples to Apples which is also a lot of fun.  Such a great time!

My friend Christina & I got the chance to go and visit our friend Kim that lives in Arizona!  It was so great to see Kim and get to visit the place that she calls home.  Arizona is beautiful and we learned that restaurants there are not just restaurants. There is an art behind this industry in AZ!! Our week in Arizona was filled with laughter, catching up, an amazing massage (courtesy of Kim!! Thank you!), sunshine and a whole bunch of eating at various deeeee-licious restaurants!!
  Here are some pictures from that trip...

When I got back from Arizona my family had a birthday party for me too!  Homemade pizza and Vanilla cake with chocolate peanut butter frosting were on the menu (yum!)  I got to relax and catch up with my family which was really nice since I hadn't seen them in a couple of weeks!  

 Here are a few of the birthday cards that are currently decoration in my cozy little home! 

Now that the month is coming to a close, I reflect on the past 30 days and feel so very lucky.  I have so many fabulous people in my life!!  Thank you to every single person that celebrated my 27th birthday with me this year whether in person, over the phone, via text or facebook...every birthday wish has meant so much!! :)

Here's to another year of happiness and a new list to complete before I turn 28!

Lots of Love, 

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