Life is both a major & a minor key

I planned on doing a lot of relaxing this past weekend!  As of Thursday evening, I looked at my planner and saw a few weekend plans and a bunch of time to relax.  I have to say that I am crazy when it comes to planning things but as we all know, you cannot plan for everything and plans always change (Wow, I keep saying plan...I will stop that now). So yeah! There was some relaxing for sure but there was also a little bit of productivity, a half day of work, a super rainy day and some very sad news.  Here are a few weekend happenings via photo...

Friday night at Chaibo was super fun.  Two very wonderful people, Tina & Andrew, came out to relax and enjoy an evening at Toph's open mic! It was a great night!!

When I  got home from work Saturday afternoon I made this delicious snack.  I think that I may quite possibly be addicted to guacamole!

via Pinterest
Thanks to the beautiful weather Friday & Saturday, I was able to attend two cookouts.  My parents had a bunch of family over on Friday for cookout numero uno and Saturday afternoon our friends Nick & Libby had a BBQ (cookout numero dos)!
Such a nice way to spend those sunny days :) 

I found this pale pink nail polish in Target and couldn't help but purchase it! 
A. It was super cheap ($2)
B. I've been looking for a lighter nail polish AND
 C. It was called "Oops my button fell off" which I thought that was adorable!

Sunday was a gloomy & rainy day.  I missed the sunshine BUT I was happy that we finally got some much needed rain!!  We made a prefect rainy day meal of tomato soup, grilled cheese and some yummy and uber cute smiley face fries!  I don't think we could have come up with a better rainy Sunday menu!

Toph and I also made a trip to Home Depot to price out building supplies.  We are currently working on building a fancy desk!  I had no idea where to look or what to look for (Yes, I know..I am such a girly girl) so Toph led the way and I made a list of what we needed and prices.

The weekend came with some very sad news (that feels like such an understatement)...My friends Tina & Andrew had to put they're cat Oscar to sleep Saturday night.  He was such a handsome and unique little man and he will be missed by many.  Tina & Andrew were such good parents and while he had one bumpy 2 year journey, they stood by him and fought for him every step of the way.  Sometimes, they are just taken away from us too early.  Oscar - we all love and miss you!

So that is my weekend in a nutshell.  It was filled with some sour and some sweet.  Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Lots of Love,