Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stopping the time, the rush & the waiting

Happy Thursday!!  April has been a busy month so far and I realized while sitting on my break at work today that I haven't posted in a couple weeks.  I have stumbled upon a lot of random wonderfulness over the past week or so and feel compelled to share.  Enjoy!

via Miss Indie
Miss Indie is this really cute blog that I follow.  I found this recipe in one of her recent posts.  These little yogurt bites are easy to make, will be delicious without a doubt and perfect as a summer snack!!  Here's the link: Frozen Yogurt Bites Recipe

My fascination with chalkboard paint continues.  I keep falling in love with so many different DIY projects that use chalkboard pain and yet I have not completed one!?  I need to change that and I need to change it soon!  Project:  Make one of the following during the month of April is in full effect...

via Wit & Whistle
This Chalkboard Serving Platter via Wit & Whistle is fabulous!! It's such a neat idea for a cheese platter! Must make this soon...

via Pinterest
I wonder what door I could paint....or perhaps a wall?? I wonder how my landlords would feel about this...decisions, decisions!?

via Pinterest
Adorable plants pots!! Toph bought some cat nip the other day for us to plant and I already have a cute little pot.  Maybe I should paint said plant pot with some chalkboard paint this weekend...

via Pinterest

Dream Delight Inspire is another blog that I follow.  I recently found it and cannot stop going into the archives and reading her posts.  Love love love!!! This is one of my favorite posts: The Authentic You - Creating Yourself

One of my co-workers burned me Birdy's new CD and I cannot get enough.  This is a cover of 1901 by Phoenix and it is awesome!  Her voice is just so beautiful!!

So there you have it...a bunch of randomness!  Hope you found some of it interesting or entertaining!  

Lots of Love,

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