Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Creatures crawl in search of blood

Over the weekend, I crossed number 23 off of my 27 List and dressed up like a zombie.  On Saturday, May 5th (Cinco De Mayo!), we celebrated Toph's birthday (a bit early) with a zombie prom birthday party.  Everyone got dressed up in snazzy prom clothes and then turned undead with the help of make-up and Toph's amazing ability to create faux flesh wounds!  I've gotta say, I had to no idea how much fun crossing number 23 off of the list would be.  From the crafty stuff to the shopping, baking, dressing up and enjoying the night with an awesome group of people - all of it was super fun!  Here are some photos from our Birthday Zombie Prom Extravaganza!!

This is the banner that I made for zombie prom.  I just took poster board (in white, black and red), cut out the triangles, painted the lettering on with black acrylic paint, splattered red acrylic paint onto each piece to look like blood, used a hole punch to punch 2 holes into each triangle and I ended up stringing them together with a piece of plastic table cloth BUT a ribbon or rope would work just as well if not better!

The Brain Cake!!  I am so happy that this came out so good! It's made with funfetti cake (the best cake of them all), Frosting, Homemade Fondant and about 3 hours worth of creativity!  Here is the link that I got the idea and recipe from - Instructables - Brain Cake

Feast your eyes on these delicious and creepy Oreo truffle eyeballs!  This is a super easy recipe that is always a hit.  All you need is one container of Oreos, a block of cream cheese, white chocolate and M&Ms.  Here is the link for the traditional (non eyeball) Oreo truffle recipe - Kraft Recipes - Oreo Truffles

I thought it would be really fun to take prom style pictures but then take funny zombie attack ones too!  Here is a prom style photo of the lovely ladies that attended Zombie Prom.

The guys looking very studly!

Zombie attack photo: Take One!

Zombie attack photo: Take Two!

Toph and I won Zombie Prom King & Queen
 (was the voting rigged?? Hmmmm...)

So that's it, a few photos from Zombie Prom!! I hope that I can find a future holiday or occasion to do another Zombie themed party because this one was super fun!  Not only did I have an awesome time BUT I was able to cross off number 23 from The 27 List!  One down, 26 to go!!

Lots of Love,

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