Tuesday, May 15, 2012

She sings a simple song

via Pinterest
While I was catching up on blogs that I follow and scrolling through images on Pinterest, I stumbled upon a bunch of wonderful things!  I came across so many awesome posts, recipes, videos and DIY projects that I couldn't keep them all to myself.  Here they are!

  • Did you know that you can make an adorable dress from an over sized button down shirt??  Check out this super crafty transformation - Swenson Love
  • I found this blog recently and have just fallen in love with it.  This couple is so cute and my favorite post so far is one giant list of things that make them happy - House of Humble
  • A DIY coffee scrub??  Yes please!!  Find the recipe at Amy Morby

This video is adorable!  This poor little mini-muffin cannot figure out how to drink the water from the hose!

  • This recipe for Strawberry tarts looks delicious and it would be such a perfect snack to make for a picnic this spring or summer - The Nearsighted Owl
  • I love this idea for indoor plants.  Check out this link for indoor succulent plants at My Calico Skies
  • For some reason, warmer weather makes me crave margaritas and mexican food!  Because of this summer craving, I am drawn to this Fresh Grilled Burrito recipe (minus the chicken OR maybe I will use a faux meat product?!) I found this recipe on The Vanilla Tulip
  • Thank you Kyla Roma for putting together this post about making room for creativity!  I tend to be a planner and literally plan my days away.  In the process of all that planning, I lose sight of my own creativity and I found this post to be quite helpful!
  • This wedding looks like it was not only super cute but very personal and filled with a bunch of DIY projects.  Check it out on A Beautiful Mess

I'll finish off this post of random wonderfulness with a video that is bound to make you smile!  Who doesn't love baby pandas??  Furthermore, who doesn't love baby pandas trying to climb up a slide?  Yup!  This video is too cute for words.
Lots of Love,

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  1. Lovely links! That panda video is ADORABLE. :)


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