All around is sky and blue town

Let me start by saying that this year I am not messing around with my 27 Things to do while I'm 27 List! I will complete it by March 9th 2013 - period - end of conversation (I'm just a smidge determined).  This past weekend, Toph and I went on a picnic - officially crossing number 7 off the list!!  It was gorgeous outside on Saturday & we just happened to have the afternoon free so we thought it to be a pretty perfect time to go on a picnic.  We filled our super adorable picnic basket with crackers, cheese, watermelon, strawberries, grapes and sparkling pink lemonade and headed to a local park.  We ended up sitting on a rock that is right on the water and overlooks the park.  Such a wonderful way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon!

Here is the adorable picnic basket!!  When I decided to put "Go on a Picnic" on my 27 List, I knew that I would need to find a really cute picnic basket in order to officially cross it off.  My Aunt Sonja and Uncle Dan were recently visiting and they brought me this basket!  It is fancier and more adorable than any picnic basket I have ever fact, it makes me want to go on picnics every day.  They packed it up with glasses, silverware, plates, cutting boards, napkins & even little condiment bottles.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I want to bring it everywhere I go and just carry my lunch around in it.  Best. Gift. Ever. Thank you Aunt Sonja & Uncle Dan!! :)

Here are a few shots from the day.  Just looking at this collage of photos makes me smile & want to go on another picnic!

Have you gone on picnics in the past?  What is your ideal picnic location?  What are some of the yummy snacks that you bring along with you?  (Side Note: If you have not been on one before, I highly recommend packing up a picnic basket and heading to your local park ASAP!)

Lots of Love,