Saturday, June 16, 2012

DIY Projects - Button Magnets

I was walking around T.J. Maxx the other day and I found a random box of super cute buttons in the clearance aisle.  I looked at them for a few minutes, pondering whether or not the purchase would be worth it when I had the random idea of making them into magnets.  The awesome part about this idea was that I've made magnets in the past with different materials so I already had the glue and magnets at home!  Let's just say I was quite excited about the idea of purchasing buttons for less than $1. I was even more excited about the fact that I didn't need to purchase any other materials and I would be able to turn them into something adorable AND functional!!

You will need:
  • Some adorable buttons (The only important thing about choosing buttons is that you want to be sure that they are the proper size for the magnets that you are using!!)
  • Small Round Magnets (I found these at Michaels for $3)
  • Tacky Glue (or any glue that you have at home that is strong enough to bond these two items together)

These are so easy to make!
  • Step One: Put a small amount of glue onto one of the magnets
  • Step Two:  Place the button on top of the magnet (non-design side down) and press down
  • Step Three: Let Dry and...

Step Four:  Put them on your fridge or another magnetic surface and enjoy the cuteness that you have created!!

Lots of Love, 

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