Friday, June 29, 2012

Frugal Fridays - Color Coding Keys

For this week's Frugal Friday, I tried out a fancy new way to color code your keys!  A few years ago, I had the not so fun experience of standing at my front door and shuffling through all of my keys trying to find which one was the house key.  Of course, this went on while I was carrying more bags of groceries than I should have taken in one trip.  After that, I decided to run over to the store and pick up something to color code my keys.  I came across a package of 4 colored rings that fit right around the key and have been using those since the "incident".  Until recently, I was happy with the $5 package of color coded rings for my keys.  They started to get a dirty (I was using them for almost 2 years) and I was just going to go out and get another package until I found this lovely idea on Pinterest.  Color coding your keys with glitter!? Adorable! Here's the scoop...

What you will need:
  • Glitter (I chose pink - yes, I am an uber girly girl)
  • A key (of course...)
  • Mod Podge (I prefer the matte but any kind will work for this project)
  • Clear Nail Polish
  • A Paper Towel to put under everything so you don't make a mess

Step One: Spread a thin layer of mod podge onto the top of the key (I used a small sponge brush but a paint brush will work just fine **Side Note - rinse it off right after as the mod podge is like a glue and it will ruin the brush**)
Step Two:  Sprinkle a layer of glitter onto the key
Step Three:  Let it dry for at least 15 minutes (this is my least favorite part - I'm sort of impatient...)

Step Four:  Once it's dry, apply a clear coat of nail polish to the glittered part of the key (this keeps the glitter from falling off and getting all over everything you own)
Step Five:  Allow the polish to dry
Step Six:  Flip the key over and repeat steps 1 - 5 on the other side
Step Seven: Put the key on your key ring and admire

I actually did this project a week ago and have to say that it is holding up really well.  The glitter is sealed on there so it isn't chipping and falling off, it looks really cute and I always know where the key I need is!  For those of you who are not fans of the whole glitter concept, you can just use a colored nail polish to color code your keys instead! 

This is a Frugal Friday Success for sure! This project is inexpensive, easy to do and has a great end result - how can it not be a success?!  Have a Happy Friday :)

Lots of Love,


  1. So clever...I just saw a photo on Pinterest today of an iphone recharger plug that had also been done with glitter! Have a great weekend~~ :)

    1. A glittered iphone charger...adorable! This has been added to my DIY project list. Thank you!

  2. Great Auntie29.6.12

    Meghann, Your maternal great grandmother used the nail polish trick to identify keys many years ago. You are a chip of that wonderful block. She was pretty amazing.

    1. I agree, she was one amazing woman. I remember how crafty she was - she taught me how to make Christmas ornaments and gave me the whole box of materials to make them. I didn't realize that she used the nail polish trick!! I officially love the idea that much more :)


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