Friday, June 15, 2012

Frugal Fridays - Leftover Coffee & Grounds

Good morning & Happy Friday!! This week's Frugal Friday post is sort of a 2 for 1 deal!  Thanks to the world of Pinterest, I found a use for leftover coffee AND the coffee grounds.  Coffee is something that I absolutely love and  look forward to every morning.  Waking up and walking in to the kitchen to turn on the coffee pot has simply become a part of my morning routine.  The thing that I run into is that there is always some leftover.  I don't make a large amount of coffee but when it's just me drinking it, I don't always finish off the pot.  I also feel sort of wasteful throwing out the coffee grounds and have always wondered if there was a use for them.  It turns out that I found a solution to both of these things!  In fact, I found quite a few solutions for the coffee grounds dilemma but only chose one to try out. Here are the findings...

If you end up with left over coffee in the morning, use it to make coffee ice cubes!!!  Just let the coffee cool down, pour into an ice cube tray, put into the freezer and VIOLA!  These are great for those of you that make iced coffee at home!  Your beverage won't get watered down as the "ice" melts & you don't have to make a double brew since these coffee cubes will help with that rich coffee flavor!!  

As for the coffee grounds....WOW are there a lot of uses for these?!  Here are some of my favorites...
  1. Soften & Add Shine to your hair - just use in the shower pre-shampoo
  2. Make homemade temporary tattoos with henna & coffee grounds 
  3. Use them in your garden - they fertilize the plants AND they're said to keep snails & slugs away!
  4. Use to repel ants (apparently ants are not fans of coffee...)
  5. Deodorize a freezer - Take a bowl of used coffee grounds & add a few drops of vanilla
  6. Use to make a dye for paper or fabric
  7. Use to exfoliate your skin (this is the one that I chose which is pictured below)

 I know, I looks weird but coffee grounds make for a really awesome exfoliator!  I just applied the coffee grounds onto my face and then used my hands to gently scrub in a circular motion.  After I rinsed them off, I noticed a significant difference.  My skin is super soft and quite happy. Side note: I HIGHLY recommend doing this in a place that you can make a mess!

Another Frugal Friday Success my friends!!  Have a wonderful weekend :)

Lots of Love, 


  1. Meg - I used to make a homemade exfoliation mask out of left over coffee grounds and coconut oil (it's a really thick, white "oil" - it's actually almost a cream, get it in the cooking section of a store). It was the most luxurious Sunday treat to make a huge mess in the bathtub with my crazy body/face scrub, and afterwards I smelled SO GOOD and my skin would be super, super soft. I'm gonna do this again actually. :D

  2. Heather - Soooo that sounds amazing! I love coconut oil - it's great for cooking with and it makes for a really great spa product. Thank you for this awesome idea...I will be trying it out soon!


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