Wednesday, July 11, 2012

But you gotta keep your head up!

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Good afternoon!  I hope everyone is having a beautiful Wednesday!!  I want to start this post off by saying thank you to the lovely friends and family that either came to me personally or commented on my You stumble down your yellow brick road post.  I cannot say thank you enough for the support and words of wisdom!  It feels so very wonderful to be surrounded by so much love.  I am slowly but surely figuring all of that "life shenanigans" out while still enjoying the little things.  It is super important to balance the craziness that is life with the little moments that make you smile, don't you agree?! Here are some of the wonderful things have recently filled my days...

If you know me, you know that I love organization.  I may even love it to a point that others would consider crazy (but that's fine...right?) So as part of my crazy organizing, I keep a planner with me and everything goes into that planner - birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming events, bill due dates, my work schedule, etc, etc, etc!  All of the above are not only written into the planner, they are all written in a specific color (for example green = bills, orange = work, etc).  Like I said before...I am crazy organized!  At the end of June, I had to get a new planner (pictured above) and I spent a few hours switching over dates etc from the old planner to the newbie.  For some, this would be a tedious task but I actually enjoyed it!  This planner change over falls into my "list of recent wonderfulness"!

This expressive grape is so funny to me!  Toph and I were sitting in Chaibo a couple of weeks ago and we decided to order a cheese and fruit platter.  When the platter was placed on the table, this disgruntled green grape was staring right at me.  It was that day that I realized fruit can have feelings too! Haha Side Note - I think Toph ended up eating this odd little grape...I tried to stop him but if I am remembering correctly, I was too late.

My little Emma has a new obsession with stealing my pillow.  She is such a great snuggle buddy and I do love snuggling with her but she is becoming quite the pillow hog.  It is pretty adorable that she is sleeping like a person with her head on the pillow and due to the level of this adorableness, I am allowing this new obsession to become a habit.

Last weekend, I spent my normal Friday evening at open mic.  Our friends Nick and Libby were there and they brought their daughter Brielle.  Her & I sat at the table doodling a bunch of random things - flowers, butterflies, snails, birthday cakes and dinosaurs.  It was fun to just sit and doodle but I also really enjoyed teaching her how to draw everything!  I suppose that's just another sign that I need to go back to school to be a teacher!? The picture above was drawn by Brielle, she is quite the artist in the making if you ask me!

Catching up with old friends may quite possibly be one of my favorite things.  One of my best friends, Lauren, is getting married next year and we celebrated her and Andy's engagement over the weekend.  It was so great to see old friends that I have known since middle school and catch up!  

Random family gatherings are another wonderful thing!  My Nanny & Bubby make amazing fried dough (or as they call them, dough boys) and the other night, these amazing treats were a reason to get together.  My family is a lot of fun and such a great support system so I love getting to see them. The plate of homemade fried dough topped with cinnamon & powdered sugar is an added bonus!

My very studly feline Oliver either makes me smile or amazes me with how smart he is on a daily basis!  After talking with a client at work who figured out how to train her cat, I have decided that I am going to try and train him.  He is uber smart and very food motivated so I think this will work out quite well.  We will start with sitting and go from there!  (P.S. I know this might make me sound a little nutty but I mean cool is it to have a cat that does tricks??)

What kind of random wonderful things have filled your days lately? 

Lots of Love,


  1. Anonymous11.7.12

    Your planner is making me jealous! I loved reading all the little things that are making you happy right now. Also, side note, I'm planning on using a pic of you at the hairdresser to explain the bangs I want. You're the cutest!

    1. Hey!! I have to admit, I love my planner!! Color coding the events etc that you put into it makes it uber organized and pretty to look at!! And I have to tell you, I am so excited that my bangs are "hair inspiration" for you! I wish I could take the credit but it is all thanks to Roxanne over at Hair Obsession (She is the lovely lady that made our costumes for Charlie Brown!!) If you don't already have a hairdresser selected, let me know and I can get you her info! :)

  2. What sweet photos...your kitties are adorable! I enjoyed seeing your "smile moments". I use different color highlighters when planning my grocery list! Now if only I could get the rest of my life :)


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