Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY Projects - Simple Headband

Over the weekend, I came across this great tutorial on Alisa Burke's Blog for a simple and cute DIY project.  This project is super easy and comes at a perfect time of the year as I love wearing headbands on those hot summer days!  Get ready to be amazed with how simple this DIY project is...

You will need:
  • An old t-shirt or tank top that you no longer wear (and will not miss as you will be cutting it up)
  • A pair of scissors
  • About 10 minutes of your time 

Step One: Lay the t-shirt or tank top out onto a flat surface
Step Two: Cut out a large piece of the fabric from the center of the shirt (mine was about 6 inches but the larger you cut the piece, the larger the headband will be)
Step Three: Pat yourself on the back for making a super cute headband in less than 10 minutes

To put it on...
  1. Put it over your head like a necklace
  2. Pull it up over your head and twist it
  3. Pull it back down around the back of your head
  4. Fix any pieces of hair that are sticking out and fix it up so that the seams are not showing
  5. Admire the cuteness

So easy, right!?  Not only is this project simple and adorable but you are finding a purpose for an old t-shirt (If you are not a fan of headbands but have an old t-shirt lying around, check out this tutorial for A Recycled T-Shirt bag).  Another great thing about this simple headband project is that you can make different styles depending on how wide you cut the piece of fabric.  A wider piece of fabric creates more of a turban style headband which is really neat! 

Side note: If you wear this to the beach or by the pool and you start to get really warm, you can dip the headband in the water and then put it back on your head.  It will help cool you down! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!

Lots of Love,

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