Frugal Fridays - Easy French Manicure

It's time for another Frugal Friday!!  For this week's post, I decided to try out a little at home french manicure.  I love the way a french manicure looks - it's simple, classic, goes with everything and gives your nails a nice polished look.  When I was younger (back in my high school days) I would go to a nail salon and have my nails done every couple of weeks but now that I am an adult with bills etc, that doesn't quite fit into the budget.  Sure, it's nice to go to the nail salon every once in a while and get pampered but I have learned how to do my own manicures at home.  I found this nifty tip on Pinterest to make doing a french manicure at home a piece of cake and I thought it would be perfect for a Frugal Friday post!  You can go to the store and purchase the Sally Hansen french manicure products such as the nail polish pen or the french manicure guides for anywhere from $5 - $9 (which is cheaper than the salon) or you can save even more money by trying out this nifty & inexpensive trick!

You will need:

Step One:  Take off any old nail polish!
Step Two:  Treat yourself a little!  Trim your nails, file them, soak them, push back your cuticles, moisturize (Just Google at home manicure and there are a bunch of great tips on how to pamper yourself at home and take care of your nails!)
Step Three:  Thoroughly dry your nails and make sure there is no moisture in the nail beds
Step Four:  Place the Avery reinforcement tabs onto your nails making sure that you are placing the top of the label at the top of your nail and leaving the tip of your nail "unlabeled" as that will be the french tip
Step Five:  Paint the tip of each nail with the white polish
Step Six:  Remove the stickers
Step Seven:  Allow your nails to dry completely (for those of you who hate waiting you can always pick up a quick dry polish)
Step Eight:  Apply a clear coat and you are done!!

This worked out surprisingly well!!  I actually tried it more than once because the first time, I didn't press the labels down hard enough and some of the white polish got under the sticker.  Initially it looked a little sloppy but it was nothing that a Q-tip with some polish remover couldn't fix!  All in all this is a successful Frugal Friday post!!

Go pamper yourself a little, we all deserve it!!  If you try this out, let me know how it goes!!

Lots of Love,

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