Frugal Fridays - Make Your Own Watering Can

Good Morning & Happy Friday!! For those of you that have a knack for gardening, this Frugal Friday post is for you!!  This past week, I have invested some time on improving my "green thumb" skills.  I am pretty terrible at caring for plants but with the help of Toph and my mother (who both have quite the green thumb), I am learning.  Back in April, Toph & I planted some fresh herbs and started growing them in the apartment.  When they started growing taller and required more sunlight, we put them out onto the front porch.  As time went by, they started to outgrow the pots that they were originally planted in so I took some time this past week to re-pot them.  This was quite the stressful endeavor as I lack a green thumb and was sure I was going to kill all of our lovely fresh herbs but with some guidance and a lot of patience, it went well!  We now have 4 pots sitting on our front porch filled with basil, parsley, cilantro and catnip (for the kitties).  They have plenty of room to continue growing and if you ask me, they look quite happy now in their new homes!  Because I have been so proud of my new green thumb skills, I was super excited when I found this watering can idea on a blog called  A Journey to a Dream.  This is a really simple project and my guess is that you will probably have the supplies needed in your home already!

You will need:

Step One:  Thoroughly clean out the milk bottle (old milk is pretty stinky so make sure that you clean the container out well!!)
Step Two:  Heat up the needle with the flame from the lighter or a match
Step Three:  Slide the needle through the milk cap and continue to do so until you have at least 15 holes in the cap (You will probably need to reheat the needle every couple of times so that it slides through the plastic easier) ** BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO GET YOUR FINGERS IN THE WAY - It hurts, I learned the hard way!**
Step Four: Fill the bottle with water, put the cap on & go water your plants!

See, This is SO easy!!  I love this Frugal Friday project because it's simple, you don't need to go out and buy any supplies and you are able to reuse an old milk bottle!  Purchasing a watering can at the store is very inexpensive but why not spend an extra 10 minutes of your time and make your own for free!?  

Side Note - The bottles hold up for a really long time but after a while, you may need to replace the cap!

Lots of Love,