Days are passing by & all the leaves are changing too

Fall has officially arrived!  As of Saturday the 22nd (the official first day of fall), I have felt completely and totally justified in my excitement for doing any and all things fall-esque!! I've even created lists of all the things I want to do during this beautiful season.  I don't know what it is, but I feel like I really come alive in the fall and I cannot even explain to you how excited I am for all of the wonderful things that will fill the next few months!

Toph and I went apple picking on Sunday, crossing one of the many things I want to do off of my "fall to do list".  There is a really beautiful apple orchard right up the street from our place so we spent the early part of the day walking around the orchard and picking apples.  I realized when we got there that I had not been apple picking since I was really's been at least 12-15 years since this girl has been apple picking!  The weather was perfect, the orchard was beautiful and one of my favorite parts about the place is that they have 2 gorgeous gazebos (I have this strange love for gazebos and I can't quite explain it).  All in all it was the perfect kick off to my favorite season!  Here are some photos from our apple picking endeavor.

Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back right now and pick more apples! But then I remember that we picked "one peck" of apples and we are currently on apple over load!  We made an apple crisp which is pictured above (it was deeee-lish) and I have brought apples to work for an apple & peanut butter snack... but we still have tons!  I think some apple cookies, apple sauce, apple muffins and maybe even some apple butter are in our near future! 

Have you gone apple picking yet??  What kind of yummy things did you make with your apples?? Does anyone have any apple recipes they would like to share?  I have the apples, I am just in need of the ideas!

Lots of Love,