DIY Projects - Bauble Necklace

I finally finished this awesome DIY Project over the weekend and am very excited to share it with you!  I found the idea on a blog called A Beautiful Mess about a week ago and I've been working on it since.  The project itself is not that time consuming at all but with my work schedule & Thanksgiving, I would go days rather than hours while I was waiting for the paint to dry on the beads.  This project can be completed in 1 day (2 days tops)...I just had a busy busy week!  What I love about this project is that you can choose the color and the size of the beads that you use which makes this necklace completely customizable.  Also, once you have made one you will probably end up making a few more!!  Gotta have a couple to go with different outfits, right?!  Here is my bauble necklace tutorial...

You will need:

Step One:  Place 2 toothpicks through one of the beads (this allows you to paint the bead without getting paint all over yourself)
Step Two:  Using a paint brush and a shade of acrylic paint, paint the bead
Step Three:  Push the freshly painted bead off of the toothpick holder that you have created and place somewhere to dry
Step Four:  Once it is dry, apply a second coat
Step Five:  Repeat steps one - four until all of the beads that you want to use are painted
Step Six:  Using the triple thick gloss and the toothpicks, paint one coat onto each of the beads and allow to dry (Side note - the triple thick is a bit stinky so do this near a window!)

Step Seven:  Take a piece of the suede cording and measure it out to the length that you want the necklace (you want to make sure it will fit over your head)
Step Eight:  Slide the beads onto the cording in the order that you like
Step Nine:  Tie the ends of the cording together and VIOLA!  You have a bauble necklace!!

As  you can see in the photo above, I am quite excited about my new DIY necklace!  

Lots of Love,