DIY Projects - Cinnamon Stick Candle Holder

On Saturday, I got together with a bunch of very lovely ladies and did some holiday crafting!  We made a bunch of really cute projects and I am super excited to share them on this here bloggity blog.  My mom came across this idea for a cinnamon stick votive candle holder on Pinterest and once she explained it, we were all really excited to try it out.  This holiday DIY Project not only looks adorable and festive, but it smells amazing!!  Here is how to make your very own...

You will need:

Step One:  Place a bead of hot glue on each end of the cinnamon stick and press it onto the glass votive
Step Two:  Continue attaching the cinnamon sticks using hot glue, placing them right up against each other until the entire votive is covered in cinnamon sticks

**Side note:  If you find that the cinnamon sticks do not want to stay securely glued to the votive, DO NOT BE CONCERNED the next step will ensure that they all stay exactly where we want them!

Step Three:  Tie either raffia or ribbon around the center of the votive and secure tightly with a knot or a bow
Step Four:  Place a jingle bell onto the ribbon or raffia before your tie the knot if you want a little extra festive decor!

You can either place a tea light or a votive into the candle holder and once it is lit, the heat from the candle heats up the cinnamon sticks and makes your home smell amazing! This is such a simple project with a great end result.  You can make a bunch and keep them for yourself or you can give them as gifts!! 

Lots of Love,