Just a couple things I love...

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Today when I got home from work, I decided to pour myself a cup of coffee and spend some time catching up on blogs.  I ended up stumbling across so many fantastic posts!  These posts are so fantastically fantastic that I would feel selfish if I did not share them.  There's really no theme to the posts and photos that are listed below.  It is simply a list of wonderfulness and I hope you enjoy it!  Here are some things that I have fallen in love with this afternoon...

This post from the Eco Friendly Family about making your kitchen a healthier one.

This recipe for homemade cheese crackers.  In the fall & winter months I crave soup like crazy and to think that I can make yummy letter shaped crackers to put into said soup makes me one happy lady!

I love everything about this quote.  I want to frame it and put it up in the apartment somewhere.  It is so incredibly important to be aware of your flaws and to accept that "there is something beautiful in all of your imperfections"...we are human after all.

This beautiful post about doing what you love.  The title alone is wonderful:  "Doing what you love is not optional".

This collection of gorgeous autumn photos.  We have really been lucky this year, it has been one colorful fall!

This picture makes me melt.  This smoosh face kitty is looking out the window & day dreaming.  My heart cannot take the level of adorable captured here.

This recipe for braided cinnamon rolls.  It looks beautiful and delicious - double win!!

This post listing 12 tendencies of creative people.

I am head over heels in love with Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic".  I have heard the song so many times but for some reason, my love for it is hitting me now more than ever.  This video is just a slide show of photos but what matters is the lovely song that plays!! :)

Alright, that covers it...a bunch of wonderful things!! 

Lots of Love,