DIY Projects - Glittered Votive Holder

There is nothing better than an easy DIY Project with an awesome end result!!  With the holidays coming, I have been loving all of the great holiday DIY projects out there and trying as many as I can.  I've also been getting together with family and friends over the past month and having craft days which has made it even more fun to try out a bunch of different ideas!  I found this project on a blog called Architecture of a Mom.  It is really simple and when you are finished, you end up with a really cute & festive votive holder!!  Check it out...

 You will need:

Step One:  Place the painters tape onto the upper half of the votive holder.  The idea here is that you are covering any portion of the votive holder that you do not want the glitter to be on.
Step Two:  Using the sponge brush or paint brush, apply a thin layer of mod podge to any of the glass that is not covered with tape
Step Three:  Sprinkle the glitter over the mod podge and allow it to dry

That is it!!  Three simple steps and your votive candle holder goes from plain to festive! 
What's great about this project is that you do not have to do the same design that I tried.  If you don't like only having half of the votive holder glittered, you can choose your own design.  I know that I plan on making more of these and trying them out with vertical stripes, horizontal stripes and a plaid pattern!  So get creative and have fun with this easy & festive DIY project!!

Lots of Love,