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Far too often, we get so wrapped up in our lives that we forget to open our eyes and look around.  In the daily juggling act of work, family, friends, school, etc it can be difficult to stop, take a deep breath and open your eyes to the world around you.  In fact, there are some days that it feels nearly impossible but I have recently learned that it is essential. 

I work about an hour away from where I live which equals a pretty crazy commute.  The commute is not so fun and some days are worse than others but since I have started applying this "open your eyes" way of thinking, there have been mornings that I have actually enjoyed the drive.  I always used to focus on the rush to get to work and the frustration I felt when I would look ahead at the sea of brake lights as I slowly traveled in with the traffic.  In September, when the leaves started to change, I started to open my eyes to the beautiful fall foliage that surrounded me as I drove into work.  I instantly felt more calm & for the first time, I realized that my commute was actually rather beautiful.  Yes, the traffic was still there and in full force but my attitude had changed.  A few weeks later, I was driving into work on a Saturday morning and got to enjoy how beautiful the sky looked as the sun came up behind the trees.

Ever since I that day that the fall foliage caught my eye, I have been making an effort to open my eyes and look around more often.  The world is such a beautiful place and it's a real shame that we don't take them time to appreciate it as much as we should.  Here are some of the beautiful things I have seen since I started taking in and admiring my surroundings.

All this time, I have been driving by these beautiful things! 
I sure am glad that I take the time to stop and appreciate them now! (Side note - the traffic helps with the whole "stopping" thing...I am not just stopping in the middle of the road and holding up traffic here!)

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See...animals get it!!
How often do you see your cat staring out the window??  They just sit there, mesmerized by the beautiful world outside.  How often do you see your dog sticking his head out the window of your car so he can see the great outdoors and get a whiff of that fresh air??  We may be the ones that take care of them but there are lessons to be learned from these furry little creatures.
Do you take the time to open your eyes, look around and smell the roses?

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