Frugal Fridays - Grow your own Green Onions

Happy Friday Everyone!! This past week has been super busy and I was starting to get worried about whether or not I would have a post for today.  Then on Wednesday night, I thought of a really great idea!   For this week's Frugal Friday, I want to share with you the simple way to save money on green onions.  Toph and I don't use them a whole lot but now that we are growing them in the apartment and they are readily available, I think we'll be incorporating them a lot more.  A while back, I had read about how easy it was to grow them but it wasn't until Wednesday that I remembered the idea and actually tried it.

The next time that you buy green onions, don't throw away the white ends.  Simply submerge them in a glass of water and place them in a sunny window.  Be sure to change the water once a week and give the roots a good rinsing as well.  You will notice that they grow really fast (I just started them on Wednesday and I can already see a big difference).  When you need green onions, snip the green part off and let the white end stay in the cup of water as it will continue to grow!  I love money saving tips that are super duper simple and this is definitely one of them!! 

Lots of Love,