Frugal Fridays - Kool-Aid = Lip Stain

For this week's Frugal Friday, I tried out a DIY lip stain!!  I am very much a chapstick or (if I'm feeling a little fancy) clear lip gloss kind of girl.  I don't wear lipstick or use lip stain but when I came across this DIY lip stain idea, I was intrigued!!  I found the idea on an awesome website called The Beauty Department and decided that it was just too simple not to try.  I'm a sucker for frugal ideas that cost me a dollar or less...I mean, why not try it!? All you need is a package of Kool-Aid, a Q-tip and a little bit of water!

Step One:  Pour a small amount of the Kool-Aid into a bowl (you can omit this step entirely if you would rather just reach into the package)
Step Two: Dampen your finger and press it into the Kool-Aid powder
Step Three:  Rub your fingers all over your lips evenly distributing the color
Step Four:  Dampen a Q-Tip and go back over your lips to smooth out any clumps and even out the edges

I went with the Tropical Punch which as you can see from the photo above, stains your lips BRIGHT red!  I will admit that for a girl that doesn't wear lip stick, this was weird but I kinda liked the look!  I think that with some fun retro make-up and a polka dotted top, these bright red lips would be a nice accent!  

Now that I know this Kool-Aid lip stain actually works, I'm going to purchase other flavors and see how they look!  Here is a color/flavor key to help you pick the right one for lips!

Lots of Love,

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