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Life has been nutty lately.  Well, let me hasn't been nutty in a negative way, it's just been so busy that I haven't had time to do my "normal" routine stuff.  Normally I have time during the week to hop on here and blog or work on my Etsy Shop or just sit and catch up on the blogs that I follow on Blog Lovin but that hasn't been the case lately.  My days have been filled with work, rehearsal, catching up with the ones that I love, a couple of fun projects and enjoying all of the little things in between!  I am really loving life right now and all of the wonderful things that have been filling up my time.  I'm realizing that I thrive on having a busy life.  Yes, being too busy can be unhealthy and uber stressful but right now, I am somehow finding a pretty perfect balance...I just need to find a way to make more time for my "normal" routine stuff (but I'll make it work)!  Here are some of the current events in the life of Meg...

This is my fabulous partner in crime at work, Tina.  She is also one of my best friends and as you can see from this photo, she brightens up my day (every day)!  She is so funny and I am very lucky to get to work with her.  Side Note:  That is not her phone case!  Someone left their phone and while we waited for them to come back to get it, we realized that she had a...well...unique(?) case on it!

My show goes up in less than a month (HOLY GUACAMOLE)!  I cannot believe how fast time has been gone by!!  I have been spending the past week working on the dialect for my character.  It's both challenging and entertaining!

Speaking of the show...Toph was kind enough to spend some time on Sunday taking my headshot for the program. As you can see in the pictures above I wasn't exactly cooperative!  Photo 1: Goober,  Photo 2: Closed eyes, Photo 3: Clearly not paying attention, Photo 4: No bueno on the lighting...

We did eventually get a good one though! YAY :)

This is what Oliver does when we are trying to leave the apartment.  He really works his adorableness!!  He will sit at the door, wide eyed and just stare at you.  He will also stand up and attempt to open the door by placing his paws on the door knob and trying to turn it.  He's like my little Puss in Boots!

Sunday afternoon, Toph and I spent the day brewing beer.  He got a bunch of awesome brewing equipment and books for Christmas and we are putting them to use!  We made a Belgian Wit and I'm really excited to get to try it in a couple of weeks.  I never realized how complicated beer making can be but I have learned that it's a lot of fun and am really lucky that I have a boyfriend that loves to make it!

We made a You Tube video on Tuesday!!  This is one of two videos that we recorded.  You can check out our You Tube channel at You Tube - Meg and The Beard!!  Check us out! 

That pretty much sums up my life over the past week or so!  What has been happening in your world lately?

Lots of Love, 

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