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Happy Valentine's Day!!  Ya know, February 14th is kind of a funny day to me.  Some people look forward to it.  They make big date night plans, order flowers, buy gifts, get chocolates etc etc etc.  Others dread the day because it's as if being single and not having someone by their side is rubbed in their face by every store, commercial, name it! 

While I feel so incredibly lucky to have one hell of a guy by my side on this day of love, I think it is important to remember that today is about love in general not just the love for a significant other!  Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love.  Love for family, friends, co-workers and every person, place or thing in between that makes you happy!  It's also a day to celebrate you and to show yourself some love!  If you don't have a really wonderful guy or gal by your side today, celebrate you!!  Buy yourself some chocolates and flowers or go to the spa and treat yourself to a massage!  Don't get wrapped up in the Hallmark "picture perfect" Valentine's Day today....okay??  Just celebrate all of the wonderfulness around you and spend time with those that you love!! 

Here are a couple lovely quotes and articles that I just can't help but share with you today!

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Winnie the Pooh has got it all figured out!

This article about a farmer that created a heart shaped meadow in memory of his wife warms my heart.  If you have not already heard this story, please read!

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I couldn't help but share this adorable and nerdy valentine!

This awesome article from Gala Darling about learning how to love yourself.  It is awesome and I think we can all take a thing or two from this list and start today!

How are your spending your Valentine's Day??

Lots of Love,