Frugal Fridays - Make your own Tortilla Bowls

Happy Frugal Friday!  I am pretty excited about this weeks yummy idea!  So last week, Toph & I had a taco night and as we were stuffing all of the ingredients into these tiny taco shells, Toph mentioned making taco bowls.  He had seen it somewhere online that you could use a muffin pan to shape a flour tortilla and make you own taco bowl!  This intrigued me because I had seen actual pans to make taco bowls that cost about $10 and Toph was telling me that I could make them with a pan that I already had...WHAT!?  I almost thought that this concept was too good to be true. Why would someone purchase a $10 pan to make a taco bowl when you could do the same thing with a muffin pan???  The answer:  They clearly don't know that this whole frugal muffin pan situation is an option and they get sucked into the idea when they see a specialty taco bowl pan!  Here is how it's done...

You will need:

Step One:  Preheat the oven to 375 Degrees
Step Two:  Put a small amount of water on the tortilla so that it is easier to shape
Step Three:  Using oil or cooking spray, grease the bottom of the muffin pan
Step Four:  Place the tortilla onto the pan, using the bottom of the pan to mold the shape
Step Five:  Bake for 10 minutes and ENJOY!

These are so easy and super frugal! 
 No need to buy a fancy $10 pan folks, you can use one that you  already have!!

Lots of Love,

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