This is how it's meant to be...

For Valentine's Day this year, Toph and I had a really lovely at home date night!  I know that a lot of folks love going out for dinner on Valentine's day but for me, I am much happier in the comfort of my own home.  I guess that I have always seen going out on February 14th as a little impersonal.  I mean, you end up sitting in a restaurant full of people that are all doing the same thing.  I completely understand that a lot of people enjoy celebrating this way, but I'm more of a personal/sentimental/just the two of us date night kind of gal!  So rather than getting dressed up and going out, we got dressed up (sans uncomfortable dress shoes) and made sushi at home.  It was an evening filled with cake (adorable cake I might add), yummy cheese n' crackers, wine and really delicious homemade sushi!!  I could not have asked for a better Valentine's Day!  Thank you Topher McBeardyface!!  I love you like WHOA!! :)


Lots of Love,

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