Birthday Celebration!

I celebrated my 28th birthday this past weekend and it was an absolutely wonderful time!  I went away to the Cape for a few nights and got to celebrate my day of birth with my family while sitting by the pool and relaxing.  It was a weekend filled with lots of laughter, love, hilarious games (like Gubs, Cards Against Humanity & Fibber), delicious beverages in disguise by the pool, funny family moments and some quality time with Chris!  Here are some photos from my birthday weekend!

I had originally planned on crossing some of the things off of my 27 List while I was in the Cape but I realized that by the time I had gotten there, I was basically 28!  I ended up crossing a total of 14 things off of the list (YAY!) and I am currently in the process of creating a 28 List!!  Stay tuned as I plan to post the new list in the next few days!

Thank you so much to everyone that wished me a happy birthday in person, called, sent a card, sent a text or wrote on my Facebook wall...I feel very loved and very lucky as I embark on my 28th year! :)

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