Delicious Banana Berry Smoothie

For quite some time now, I have wanted to make smoothies for breakfast.  They are super delicious and they're also an excellent way to get some nutrients into your system at the start of your day.  I decided to make one this morning with a few simple ingredients and I AM SOLD!  I will be making smoothies for breakfast from now on, no question!  Here is the recipe for the one that I made today!

You will need: 

I just threw in a handful of spinach, the 1/2 frozen banana (chopped), a handful of frozen mixed berries, 2 tablespoons of yogurt and a splash of milk.  I blended them together using my super old school magic bullet and BAM my delicious smoothie was complete! 

Side Note: I've gotta admit, I'm proud of myself for not using exact measurements on this smoothie as I am usually a super "Rachel Rule Book" when it comes to that!! 

So, what ingredients do you put into your smoothies??  If you have a yummy smoothie recipe of your own, please share!!!  I plan to make these a lot in the near future and I would love to hear about the different smoothies that you enjoy so I can try them out too!