Frugal Fridays - DIY Tinted Lip Balm

This week's Frugal Friday is pretty wonderful.  Not only is this idea a money saver, but it's super simple to make!  For a while now, I have been looking for a DIY lip gloss tutorial and the only ideas I have been able to find involved Vaseline.  The concept of putting Vaseline on my lips freaks me out a bit so I've been searching for an alternative.  In the search for a Vaseline alternative, I started to get discouraged as the lip gloss recipes became more and more involved and required more ingredients.  I was ready give up on the whole idea when it dawned on me, I had the ingredients all along!  Rather than making a lip gloss, I made a tinted lip balm and WOWZAH is it simple?! 

All you need is a chapstick or lip balm and  blush or eyeshadow.  Simply take a small amount of your lip balm and put it onto the back of your hand.  Then sprinkle a little bit of blush or eyeshadow on top of it.  Mix it together with your finger and add more eye shadow or blush until you have reached a color that you like.  Apply your homemade tinted lip balm to your lips and enjoy!! 

It's great because you end up using a lip balm or chapstick that you already love.  Your lips will be getting moisturized with a product that you know and trust and you get a little extra pop of color from the shadow or blush that you choose to use! AWESOME SAUCE!

Side note:  You can also make an entire batch of this for yourself by using a small container to store it in!!  I personally like the idea of making it fresh each time so that I can use different shades of pink and red but if you find a color that you like, it would only make sense to make a whole bunch of it!


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