Hello Adorable Ducks!

Yesterday afternoon, I crossed number 21 off of my 27 List and fed the ducks!!  Toph and I drove around to a couple different places hoping that there would still be some ducks hanging around this chilly New England area.  The first place we stopped was completely frozen over and there were no ducks to be found (bummer).  The second location was filled with ducks but they had no interest in coming over to us to get some bread.  We really tried to get them to come over and enjoy some tasty white bread but apparently our bread was just not good enough!  The third stop, however, was perfect (three times the charm, right?)! 

We went to a restaurant called The Old Mill as a friend of mine had suggested that this would be a great place to go and feed ducks.  When we pulled into the restaurant, it was clear that this was going to be a success.  Toph had heard that they don't always like when people feed the ducks so we decided to be a little "top secret" about our plan.  He stuffed a few pieces of bread into his jacket pocket and we walked over.  The ducks started coming over to us right away and many of them ate right from our hands which was pretty neat. 

Here are a few photos from our duck feeding adventure...

Another thing has been crossed off of the list!!! YAY!! 
Eleven down, Sixteen to go! :)

Lots of Love,

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