Peanut Butter Granola Bites

I was going through the cabinets today and decided to try to make something delicious out of the random items that I had.  Please note: I went into this snack making endeavor knowing that it may not be successful but I decided to go for it anyway.  Who knew that I would end up making something SUPER delicious?!?!?  I ended up making these peanut butter granola bites and HOLY GUACAMOLE, they are really yummy!!  Here's the recipe...

You will need:

Step One:  Mix together the oats, cinnamon, salt and chocolate chips
Step Two:  Melt the peanut butter 
Step Three:  Mix in the honey
Step Four:  Pour the peanut butter & honey mixture into the oats mixture and stir
Step Five:  Roll the mixture into small balls and place in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes
Step Six:  Remove them from the fridge and ENJOY!!  

I am super excited about how delicious and simple these peanut butter granola bites turned out to be!! I think I need to rummage through the cabinets and attempt to make random things more often!