Seven Days & Counting...

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Wow, I cannot believe that it's already March!!  March is my favorite month of the year because it's the month that my birthday falls in (yes, I'm a bit of a brat).  For the past 2 years, I have made a list of things that I want to accomplish within the year.  When I turned 26 I made a list of 26 things that I wanted to do while I was 26 and then did the same when I turned 27. 

As of today, there are 7 days left before I turn 28 (YIKES)!  There are 7 days left for me to complete as much of my 27 List as possible!  I have learned from the past 2 lists, that I get really excited about crossing things off the list right away and then I forget about it.  I get busy, the year goes on and before I know it, we're back in March and I am trying to cross as many things off my list as possible!  I know that I won't be able to cross everything off of my list this year but I'm confident there are a few that I still have time to do.  While I was determined to complete the entire list, I have come to terms with the reality of the situation and will be happy with whatever I end up accomplishing.  When I create these lists, I'm simply writing down a bunch of things that I really want to do so if I only cross a few off, it is A-okay!  I'm still getting the chance to do some of them!

I've decided that since I only have 7 days left to complete as many things on the list as possible, it would be a good idea to reach out for some help. are the tasks that are still left on zee 27 list...

1.) Learn how to ride a bike - are reading that correctly.  This girl does not know how to ride a bike!!  This was actually a carry over from my 26 list and it's looking like it's going to carry over again....

2.) Grow a vegetable garden - This is another one that will not work out this year but I think it will make it onto my 28 list!  Rather than planting vegetables this year, I planted herbs (basil, parsley & cilantro).  Baby steps!!

3.) Learn how to play the guitar OR the ukulele - So I decided to go with the ukulele after one of my wonderful co-workers gave me one over the summer!  I have been working on learning basic chords little by little.  I've learned "Somewhere over the Rainbow" but am trying to learn how to transition from chord to chord so that it doesn't sound awful...this is still in the works!

4.) Go on a road trip - I just don't think I can do this one in the next 7 days!  Let me ask you, how long of a drive do you consider to be a "road trip"??  Perhaps I could make this work....

5.) Climb a mountain - It's cold out and I am a baby when it comes to temperature so it is looking like this one will not be crossed off this year! Unless I get super brave & determined over the next week...

6.) Volunteer (either at an animal shelter, farm or sanctuary) - Does anyone know of any shelters that need a volunteer anytime soon??  I would love to cross this one off the list!

7.) Learn how to do simple bead work & make at least one bracelet - I plan to take a trip to the craft store and pick up a basic jewelry making kit.  Does anyone have any tips or ideas?

8.) Make a purse!  (Find a pattern, pick a fabric and put my sewing machine to use!) - Calling all sewing experts!!!  Would any of you lovely folks like to help me with this one??

9.) Take a yoga class - I have taken yoga classes in the past but they were in a gym setting rather than a  yoga studio.  I feel like I still have time to take a yoga class and cross this one off of the list!  Does anyone have a yoga studio that they love and would be kind enough to recommend to me??  Further more, is there anyone that would like to take a yoga class with me??

10.) Go see a musical in Boston or NYC - Sadly, this one will have to carry over to the 28 List.  I just don't think a day trip to Boston or NYC can happen in the next 7 days...oh well!

11.) Learn sign language - This is currently in progress!! I found a great you tube channel that teaches you very basic signs.  I'm feeling good about being able to cross this one off the list!

12.) Get photos taken in 5 different photo booths - (1 down, 4 to go!)  Toph & I are going to go and find 4 more photo booths over the next few days.  Do you know of any little photo booths in the area???

13.) Use an underwater camera - All I need is an underwater camera and I can cross this one off the list!  I am going to the Cape next weekend so I already have the whole underwater part figured out....does anyone have an underwater camera I can borrow OR know of someplace that I can pick up an inexpensive one?

14.) Go to the park and feed the ducks - It's pretty cold outside BUT it seems that there are still some ducks hanging around...this will be a project for tomorrow!

15.) Have a spa day (Go all out and get a massage, facial, manicure & pedicure!) - There is a fabulous spa up the street that I could go to...I'm just working on wrapping my head around spending money on myself like that!  Hmmm...perhaps I can justify it by telling myself it's an early birthday present??  We shall see...

16.) Go to the aquarium - This is another one that will not be crossed off while I am 27!  A day trip into Boston in the next 7 days does not seem possible.  Perhaps I will carry this one over to my 28 list...

17.) Get a new piercing (nothing crazy, just another ear piercing!) - I still have time to cross this one off the list...I am just not sure what part of ear to get pierced!?  Any suggestions?? 

If you can help me with any of these or if you have suggestions, feedback, etc...please contact me!  You can comment on this post, send me a Facebook message, e-mail, call, text..whatever works for you!

Lots of Love,