Spring Time Manicure!

The weather here in Massachusetts has finally started to feel a little bit like spring which is making me super excited for warmer weather, buds on trees, birds chirping & flowers blooming! It's also gotten me in the mood to add a little bit of pastel & glitter to my life. 

While I was picking up a few things at the store the other day, I mysteriously ended up in an aisle filled with tons of awesome nail polish colors.  It's weird how that works sometimes...you go to the store for things like paper towel & water and you end up with new beauty supplies or nail polish (I feel like I naturally gravitate to that part of the store...)  Needless to say, I ended up leaving the store with some really fun nail polish and put together this fun spring manicure look!

I chose NYC long wearing nail enamel in the color Tudor City Teal and topped it off with a coat of Spoiled Nail Glitter Polish  in Jewelry Heist.  All together these two bottles cost me a whopping $3 and I love my cute spring manicure!  YAY! :)