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There has been quite a bit of change in my life over the past month or so.  It has all been positive change which is fantastic but I am the type of person that gets so consumed in said change that I forget about some of my normal day to day activities.  For example, I have not logged in to this blog in over a month!!  I cannot believe that it's been that long since I posted something on this beloved bloggity blog of mine!  I haven't done any crafty or frugal projects either which is super weird for me.  Now that all of the change has happened & I'm settling in nicely, it's time to get back to doing the things that I love.  Be prepared for crafty projects, frugal Fridays, yummy recipes, 28 list updates and more!! 

Here are some of the new and exciting things that have been happening in my world...

1.) As of 3 weeks ago, I have started to make a conscious effort to eat healthier!  I am officially on a healthy diet (Weight Watchers is my diet of choice) with the goal of losing some weight and making sure that I am eating a balanced & healthy diet! 

2.) I changed jobs!!  That in and of itself is a super scary change but so far so good!!  I am going to miss my CVH family for sure but I know that I will keep in touch with them (they are all too wonderful to not keep in touch with!!) and the change is definitely a good one for me!

3.)  I got my hair cut (again)!!  This time I went with a short flippy do and I really love it!  It's easy to style and I think that it will be good for the warmer summer months that are right around the corner!

4.) I finally found an awesome yoga class!  I went to my first class last week and WOW it is fantastic!  The instructor is super sweet, the studio is beautiful and the class was a work out for sure but was really relaxing at the same time!

That covers it!!  So yeah!  Finally, after a month, I'm back and ready to blog again!! YAY!  

How have you been??  Is there anything new and exciting happening in your corner of the world??

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