DIY Projects - Simple Fall Wreath

Happy September folks!!!  With September comes the end of summer & the beginning of fall.  I know that fall does not officially begin until September 22nd but I just could not resist the urge to make a cute fall wreath for our front door!  I have wanted make a wreath for quite some time but I always thought it would cost a lot of money.  I also figured that I would have to use my hot glue gun which equals hot glue everywhere and me getting burned several times by said hot glue (I'm just not so good at using that thing)!  These potential negatives of wreath making kept me from making one but after this weekend, I learned that it is quite simple!  After a quick trip to my local craft store, $12 out of pocket on supplies and 15 minutes of time spent on putting everything together, I was able to hang this lovely fall wreath on the front door of our humble abode!  Here is how it's done...

You will need:

Putting this wreath together is a piece of cake!  The stems of the flowers have wire in them so it is very easy to bend the stems as you place them into the wreath and wrap them around the dried grape vine.  I know it sounds too easy to be true but trust me, that is all you need to do to create this fall wreath!   Gotta love simple DIY projects, right?!

Have a lovely first day of September!!