It's close to midnight & something evil is lurking in the dark...

Halloween this year was a lot of fun!  Toph & I got pretty creative with our costumes and spent the Saturday before Halloween celebrating with friends.  It's not too often that you get to dress up in a crazy costume so I take full advantage of that opportunity each Halloween.  My original plan was to go as a fairy but I did that last year and wanted to change it up!  I found the idea for a faun costume online and knew instantly that I had to at least try to make this awesome costume!  After two weeks of putting the pieces together and a ton of help from Toph and my wonderful Aunt Elaine, it came together perfectly!!  

Toph created the shape of the legs using a foam mattress pad & my Aunt put these beastly furry legs together!  They even had a pair of suspenders sewn in to hold them up...pretty awesome!  I wore a pair of black heels and we taped two black foam visors onto the shoes to give the appearance of hooves. I picked up a pair of devil horns at the Halloween store, painted them brown & then Toph attached them to a headband with pipe cleaners.  The make up was a lot of fun to do & I wore some seriously ginormous eyelashes that really added to the whole look!  All in all I could not be happier with the way this costume turned out & I feel so lucky to have had my Aunt Elaine & Toph helping me with it, they are so insanely crafty & creative!!!  

 Toph dressed up as a werewolf which was awesome!  He has been growing quite the diesel beard and he was able to use it to his advantage for his costume.  With a generous amount of brown & black face paint, some pointed ears, liquid latex and lots of hair/fur for his neck & ears, Toph turned into a crazy looking werewolf. 

 He also had a pair of super creepy wolf hands that made the costume even better. See how creepy they are!?!?! I have to admit, they totally freaked me out but they really worked for the costume!

We celebrated the weekend before and I was scheduled to work on Halloween so I couldn't wear my crazy faun costume on the actual day but I still had the urge to dress up!  I can't help but embrace the kid in me so I picked up a pair of cat ears and used some make-up to do a little face paint! Simple & appropriate for work but still fun!

How was your Halloween???  Did you dress up this year?  Do you have any little ones that you took out Trick or Treating?? I hope your Halloween was wonderful! 

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